Surprising Stories #45*** September 2017
third anniversary issue

Editor: John Thiel
Compositor: Eric Thiel
Server: Comcast

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“We’re ready on the right, ready on the left for the New Overture
Cover by Ramos Fumes, “Freefall”



Thull, by Joanne Tolson a battle in a primordial elsewhere
The Callisto Incident, by Gerd Maximovic  know ye of it
Environmental Impact, by Jon C. Piccuolo  beats a comet
The Mole and the Sun, by Lou Antonelli  look within & see
No One Can Hold Me Down, by Craig Cortright     N.C.
Just Following Orders, by William T. Cooper  Yeah, okay.
Car Talk, by Varda One   Not Clikit and Clakit.
Fiercest Fighters in the Universe, by Charles P. Newton
Wow, the Wolverine, by Space Cedrwick 
bit of a surprise
One Mind, by Varda One  
A significant look
Shadow, My Shadow, by Donald Scott  Yeah? Sez another
Passage, by John Tompkins, Jr.  Hard to get with no visa


Another Lovecraft Tale Reviewed by John Kosmic


A Gallery of Covers  Those being previous issues of SS
Index to Surprising, #30 to the present
The Traders Horn  
sf and fantasy advertising


The Spaced-Out Library   ahead new books
Yesterday’s Tomorrows   a look back at sf mags
Fanac  how things are doing in sf fandom
Printout  letters to this magazine


Denying Al Araaf a Negative Report, by Steve Sneyd
The Shaman’s Vision, by Linda Platt Mintz
Mystical Dew, by A. J. Dawes
The Pathfinder, by Craig Cortright
A Walk In Spring, by Bryan Sheppard
Big Bang, by Daniel Green
Robots, by Keith Allen Daniels
Band Box, by Peter Layton
Monkeys With a Metal Plate, by C.S. Thompson
To Misplaced Permanence, by Jay Strader
Paracelsus Keeps His Promise, by Steve Sneyd
Cosmic Malevolence Could Wipe Out All Higher Life Forms On Earth, by Jim Dunlap

Valley of the Whore, by C.S. Thompson
Pharaoh, by Joanne Tolson

Ierne, by Jerry Ria Ellis

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